Action Cast 79: Cool Graveyard Cinema

This time out we’re joined by a female guest! Can you believe it? It’s Angela Catalano, former program director for the Milwaukee Film Festival, current owner/operator/programmer/whatever of Shotgun Cinema, coming soon to melt the faces off of the New Orleans populace. We’re covering Air Force One, but don’t let that fool you. This ‘cast clocks in over two hours, and surprisingly little of it is discussion about that movie. But we talk about studies, storyboards, Blockbuster closing and Joe and Anthony losing their Alamo Drafthouse virginity. All this and more! (Also, just an FYI, this was recorded before our Thanksgiving b-side from earlier this week, if you couldn’t tell.)

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Stretch Armstrong storyboard/animatic
Shotgun Cinema (a.k.a. Cool Graveyard Cinema)


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