Action Cast 43: Surprise Paul Reiser

Game over, man!

We’re excited about Prometheus’ imminent release, so to celebrate, we had the completely original idea of covering all of the Alien(s) movies. Yes, ALL of them, even the bad one(s).

Join us in our longest episode yet as we discuss xenomorphs, the space jockey, Bill Paxton, horror movies, rape goggles, robots, Bill Paxton, positive arsenic, douchebag college essays, the raddest movie ever, Bill Paxton, homosexual subtext by omission, tortured development history, Bill Paxton, toys, Firefly DNA, bad fanfiction, and the worst birthday ever.

Note: due to the length of the podcast, we surgically removed the opening news segment (mostly without killing the hosts). If the opening seems a bit disjointed, that’s why!

And hey, here’s a breakdown of when we talk about what:

0:00:00 – General comments / Prometheus (no spoilers, since we haven’t seen it!)
0:16:25 – Alien
1:00:18 – Aliens
1:39:55 – Alien 3
2:19:51 – Alien: Resurrection

Click here to imagine Bob Vila’s Death Star!


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