Action Cast 97: Does That Mean We're in Love?

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This time, on the Action Cast, we talk about Krishna Shah’s metalsploitation/horror/comedy fever dream, Hard Rock Zombies. \m/

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Action Cast 94: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

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Trick or Treat (Williams), it’s the traditional annual Halloween Action Cast! This year we talk about classic horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. (Seriously, it IS a classic, trust us.) We also talk about Ravenous, Godzilla, Scream, Gone Girl, Honeymoon, and The Evil Dead remake.

Click here to find out who the Jim Jarmusch of Texas is.

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Action Cast 74: What Would You Do with a Klondike Bar?

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Click here! Trust me, I’m a nurse.

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Action Cast 64: Biscuit Fever

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This episode is nearly 10 weeks old and had a cursed production (RIP Timmy), but, like good bourbon, the Action Cast gets better with age. We talk about super old news (like the announcement of J. J. Abrams as the director of the next Star Wars movie), Jurassic Park, Django: Unchained, and The Last Stand.

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Action Cast 54: The Stuff

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Trick or treat bitches, it’s a Halloween Action Cast! You’ll squeal in delight as we cram Larry Cohen’s 80’s horror/satire film The Stuff all the way down your movie hole. We also reveal who the next James Bond is, complain about the Taken sequel and announce Eric’s next project, a Mo Rutherford/Chocolate Chip Charlie buddy action/comedy TV show.

Click here because you can never get enough.

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Action Cast 28: The Burning

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This week on the Action Cast, Bryce Wilson of Things That Don’t Suck joins the usual cast to discuss fancy things, Eric’s shitty internet connection, Jason Alexander’s hair, the weather and a lawsuit against Drive’s ad campaign. Oh and some shitty (but kinda fun) slasher flick called The Burning. Happy Halloween everyone! Eat lots of candy, carve some pumpkins and watch anything other than The Burning.

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Action Cast Throws Down!

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The folks over at Double Fine have started a podcast. We have no issue with that. Hell, the existence of this show proves that anyone can have podcast, whether they’re talented, professional and interesting or none of the above.

Click that link and check the name of their show. Then, in case you have short term memory loss, look at the name of this show. Yeah, that’s right, they ripped off our name. Action Casts are like Highlanders, there can only be one.

So, we decided to retaliate in the most mature and non-juvenile manner we know—make fun of Tim Shcafer’s hair, challenge him to a wrestling match and brag about how many solid gold lawyers we own. Listen up, Tim, change the name of your show or we’ll be forced to act even more ridiculous. And no one wants that.

Listen to our list of grievances and demands here!

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Action Cast B-Side: Thankskilling

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Just in time to save you from another dull Thanksgiving, The Action Cast presents a special holiday b-side about the greatest killer turkey movie of all time, Thankskilling. (Sorry Blood Freak fans, you’ll have to wait until next year.)

Click here for nice tits, bitch!

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Action Cast Part Deux: FUCK HARDER!

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In a move that wasn’t intended to be ironic, only a portion of the normal ‘cast gets together to talk about The Expendables. We’re also uncharacteristically on topic, a nice change of pace from our premiere episode. Don’t get used to it.

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